Exactly what happened when I joined tumblr. 

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How I’ve felt since fucking September. 

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My new goal: To feel this confident every time I hear someone talk smack about me. 

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Things I want from a radio channel:

Good sixties music.

Good sixties music I recognize.

Acutally, just Beatles and Beach Boy songs..

Actually just Beatles songs.

Specifically number one hit Beatles songs.

Beatles songs about women.

Eleanor Rigby. I want a radio channel of only Eleanor Rigby. 

Ryuk being a great help.

Every time friends ask me help on homework. 

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According to the Internet, this is what Europeans think breakfast in America is like.

Yup, we do.

I mean, it’s true

100% accurate 

There is one small inaccuracy. The coffee cup is too small. 

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Okay guys so here’s the deal, you’ve been putting up with all my ToyDirty posts for a while now and it’s time to celebrate.

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